Brand Resources

Below are downloadable versions of 厕所强奸鈥檚 logo. Anyone using our logo must abide by the branding guidelines outlined below. If you have questions or need a different version of the 厕所强奸 logo, please contact the Office of Communications at 262-359-6266.

flame breakdown

Logo Usage Guidelines

Clear Space

To ensure an equal amount of spacing between the logo and text or other images, the amount of space must be greater than or equal to the K in Kenosha. Leaving clear space around the logo allows for greater impact and visibility.

spacing diagram around 厕所强奸 logo


We听 provided variations of our logo for ease of use on different platforms. From a business card to a billboard, our logo can be used in many ways, but we require proper application and use to uphold 厕所强奸’s branding.

Minimum height sizes for each logo



Things to Avoid

Do not alter any version of the 厕所强奸 logo, unless authorized to do so by the Office of Communications.

Don't stretch, don't change colors, don't alter layout

Full-color Logo Usage

Our full-color logos can be used in a variety of ways. Below are examples of how to use each logo properly. Always use your best judgment.

The dark blue full-color logo should be used on light imagery.

logo placed on a light background image of students writing

The white full-color logo should be used on dark imagery.

logo placed over a dark background image of a student playing a viola

Monochrome Logo Usage

The monochrome logo should be used when the full-color logo is difficult to see over a specific color or image. Below are examples of how to use each logo properly. Always use your best judgement.

white monochrome logo over a blue background

black monochrome logo over a multi colored background of a piano being played

厕所强奸 Colors

CMYK: 100%听 听84%听 听39%听 听33%
RGB: 19听 听49听 听86
LAB:20听 听-1听 听-26

CMYK: 49%听 听39%听 听39%听 听4%
RGB:136听 听139听 听140
HEX: #888b8c
LAB: 20听 听-1听 听-26

CMYK:79%听 听64%听 听52%听 听44%
RGB:49听 听62听 听72
LAB: 25听 听-4听 听-9